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PSC Researchers visit CENS

Center for Embedded Networked Sensing
Center for Embedded Networked Sensing

Researchers from ESD and the PSC recently visited the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the USA. During the visit, the researchers gave a seminar to CENS on 'Energy Aware Remote Sensing', reflecting on the work that is being undertaken by researchers associated with the WiSE interest group.

Energy-Aware Remote Sensing
Invited Speaker: Professor Neil White and Geoff Merrett
Date: July 30, 2008
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Venue: CENS Conference Room


The talk will give a brief overview of ongoing research in the Electronic Systems and Devices Group at the University of Southampton, UK. The main focus will be on the area of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and how energy harvesting techniques can be used in this respect. We will discuss how, in addition to information flow, the network needs to be aware of (and account for) the energy constraints on individual sensor nodes. We will describe how WSNs, having a variety of mobile and static nodes, can be used within a micro/nano fabrication facility to provide information about the status of equipment and location of individuals within the clean room environment.

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Posted by Dr Geoff Merrett on 23 Sep 2008.
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