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21/08/08: ESD/IAM Research Morning

ESD/IAM Research Morning
ESD/IAM Research Morning

This is a joint seminar between IAM, ESD and Comms for people interested in wireless intelligent sensing. This should provide an occasion to have some interactions with other groups and identify common interests.

There will be 7 short talks starting from 10:30 till 13:00; below you can find the titles for the talks. If you are interested in some of the topics you are all welcome to join.

Presentation Schedule

ESD and Comms

Rob Maunder: Redistributing Energy Consumption in WSNs
Alex Weddell: Energy-Aware Sensor Nodes
Steve Spiking: Unobtrusive Pervasive Healthcare
Geoff Merrett: A Mountbatten Cleanroom WSN + an overview of research in WiSE (Wireless Sensing in ESD)


Sarvapali Ramchurn: Multi-Agent Systems techniques for Disaster Management
Enrico Gerding: A Truthful Two-Stage Mechanism for Eliciting Probabilistic Estimates with Unknown Costs
Alessandro Farinelli: Decentralised Coordination of Low-Power Embedded Devices Using the Max-Sum Algorithm

Posted by Dr Geoff Merrett on 23 Sep 2008.
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