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WiSE Expands


The fields of wireless sensing and sensor networks are receiving a lot of research attention in various ECS research groups. WiSE (previously standing for 'Wireless Sensing in ESD') started in May this year as a group-level exercise to collate activities in wireless sensing within ESD.

Due to its success, it has been suggested that WiSE should broaden its scope to cover research in 'Wireless Sensing' and 'Sensor Networks' in all of ECS. WiSE represents the 'Sensor Networks' theme of the Pervasive Systems Centre (PSC). WiSE (which now stands for 'Wireless Sensing in ECS') will promote and increase communication, cross-ECS collaboration, and bring together ECS research in this field as a coherent and marketable package.

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Posted by Dr Geoff Merrett on 23 Sep 2008.
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