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16/Apr/09: Coventry/Southampton Research Exchange Day


Dr Elena Gaura and Dr James Brusey (Cogent Computing ARC, Coventry University) will be visiting ECS along with a number of their PhD students on Thursday 16 April for a ‘research exchange’ day. This full day event (10:45-17:15) will consist of presentations from both Coventry and Southampton, and also some demonstrations during the lunch period.

Date/Time: Thursday 16th April 2009, 10:45–17:15
Location: 32/3077 (Level 3 Seminar Room, EEE Building)

10:45–11:00 Arrival, Welcome and Introductions

11:00–13:00 Presentations (Morning Session)
“Wireless Sensor Nodes with a Modular Energy System,” Alex Weddell, Southampton
“Ensuring Robustness and Reliability in a Safety Critical Monitoring System,” John Kemp, Coventry
“Middleware for WSNs: A Gas Turbine Monitoring Case Study,” Dan Goldsmith, Coventry
“Posture Determination Using a Body Sensor Network,” Ramona Rednic, Coventry

13:00–13:30 Break and Buffet Lunch

13:30–14:30 Demonstrations
“Energy-Aware Wireless Sensor Networks,” Alex Weddell, Southampton
“Health and Sensation Monitoring using a Body Sensor Network,” John Kemp, Coventry
“Demonstration of a Gas Turbine Engine Monitoring System,” Dan Goldsmith , Coventry
“Posture Classification using a Body Sensor Network,” Ramona Rednic, Coventry

14:30–17:00 Presentations (Afternoon Session)
“A Wireless Sensor Network for Environmental Monitoring,” Tessa Daniel, Coventry
“An Embedded Software Architecture for Sensor Nodes,” Geoff Merrett, Southampton
“A Low-cost, Long Term Distributed Patient Research Platform,” Dirk De-Jager, Southampton
“Gaussian Processes for Information Processing + ALADDIN Demo,” Alex Rogers, Southampton
“Decentralised Control of Mobile Sensors,” Ruben Stranders, Southampton
“Real-Time Accurate Target Tracking using WSNs,” Evangelos Mazomenos, Southampton

17:00–17:15 Final Discussions and Close

The event is open to all PSC members. Note that refreshments may be limited to only those directly involved in the day. For further information, please download the schedule pdf from the link below.

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Posted by Dr Geoff Merrett on 17 Mar 2009.
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