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Seminar: A Low-Power, Distributed, Pervasive Healthcare System for Supporting Memory

The DejaView device and handset
The DejaView device and handset

Title: "A Low-Power, Distributed, Pervasive Healthcare System for Supporting Memory"
Speaker: Alex Wood, Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton
Date: Tuesday 10th May 2011
Time: 12.00
Location: Lecture Room F, Nuffield Theatre, Highfield Campus (06/1129)

With age, injury, or disease, human memory can be dramatically impaired. Current coping strategies range from simple aids such as post-it notes and calendars to, more recently, assistive devices which attempt to provide reminders at appropriate times, capture details of important events, or aid with performing complex tasks. In the Pervasive System Centre, we have developed a system designed to `orientate' a person with memory problems by reminding them in real time of details and personal memories of their surroundings. We have developed a three-level architecture, consisting of a novel wearable sensing device (pictured), mobile phone, and Internet service, where each level is less constrained in terms of energy and offers greater computational capability. This kind of distributed architecture for a memory aid has not been reported before. We have demonstrated the operation of the system, which successfully identifies the faces of those nearby and shows their names on the mobile phone. A final version of the prototype device will be ready in the next month, after which trials are planned.

Alex Wood was born in Hastings, England in 1988. He graduated with a MEng in Electronic Engineering from ECS in 2010, which included a semester studying at the Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy. Following a research placement working alongside medical staff using a variety of medical electronic equipment, he became interested in postgraduate research. He then began a PhD in ECS, looking into the use of pervasive systems to aid human memory. He is generally interested in novel uses of electronics in healthcare; his technical interests are in wireless sensor networking and healthcare monitoring.

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Posted by Dr Geoff Merrett on 26 Apr 2011.
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