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This page outlines a number of the different areas of research and projects that are being investigated by researchers in WiSE at the University of Southampton. This page lists only previous projects; click here to view current projects.

Enabling Technologies

Research with a focus on developing new and novel algorithms, protocols and systems for wireless sensing.

Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

Algorithms (not related to communication) for wireless sensing and wireless sensor networks

Architectures and Interfaces

The development of common or standardised software or hardware architectures and interfaces.

Communication and Networking

The development of communication algorithms and protocols for wireless sensor nodes.

Energy Harvesting & Sensing Devices

Research and development of energy harvesting and sensor devices for use with wireless sensing and wireless sensor networks.

Simulation, Modelling and Evalution

Techniques for evaluating wireless sensor networks.


Systems and Applications

Research focussed on addressing the specific requirements and issues associated with a particular application.

Environmental Monitoring

Wireless sensing systems for monitoring a geographical environment.


Wireless sensing systems and devices for use in pervasive healthcare applications.

Industrial Monitoring

Wireless sensing systems for monitoring industrial or commercial environments.

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